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At The Dempsey Event Center, we believe you deserve the very best. To better serve the unique vision of the event of your dreams we have carefully curated a list of only the top caterers and vendors in Central Ohio. Your successful event is our Joy.

The Dempsey Event Center has a rich history. The original foundation of the main house served as a hunting lodge in the late 1800s. In the 1940’s modifications of the property resulted in a three-bedroom ranch which served as a loving home for family and pets. Surrounded by woods, the front oval was the path to ride the ponies! In 1975, renovations were completed and the property became an 8000 sq. foot family home. In 2014, the estate became a commercial property and the Sanctuary Building and pedestrian footbridge were built encouraging guests to enjoy the beauty of this sacred property. The Dempsey Event Center is now here for you to enjoy its history and grandeur.

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The Mansion
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The Sanctuary
Koi Pond
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Nature Trails
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Full Kitchen
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Full Bathrooms
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Spacious Meeting Rooms
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Grand Piano
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Rolling Streams
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10 Acres
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